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I would like to purchase your Heretic's Fork game, but it doesn't appear to be available on any accessible platforms.  Please don't say that you signed an exclusivity with steam or something dreadful like that!   Your game looks so good, it would be awful if it couldn't actually be played ethically.


Download still seems down at the moment
there is no definition for the build in the download tab.

How do I play this? can't I test it before full release?


You have to download the launcher (search on google "how to install games from")


I think it is somehone broken. I can Instal it but "Instal" box is empty and you can not select anthing for actual instalation

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Finally got Too Powerful Again

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hi,i waited 0.04 for the feedback My Full Feedback is at the end of the stream around 1h.15mins
this game needs some more cooking before being enjoyable but i like the concept!

So, from gaming it... really needs a "abandon run" button because I managed to go infinite. Also the selecting cards from collection badly needs a "I want none of these, give me another roll later" option.

Definitely adding both of these suggestions, ty

Hi, I've made a video about the demo and wanted to share some feedback about it ^^, hopefully it is useful for the development :D

-The concept of the game is quite good and the combination of "tower defense" with "deck building" works pretty nicely.

-The gameplay mechanics are fun AF, the gameplay loop always feels fresh and quite polished for it's development state. In this regard just keep working in this direction since it works quite awesome.

-Visuals on the game are quite NOICE, really fit the theme of the game and work well under "massive waves of enemies" circunstances without turning into a mess when the screen gets full of enemies.

In conclusion, the idea is great and I hope you keep working on it. Hopefully this is useful for the development :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Thanks so much! Really helpful.

You are welcome ^^

I'm too powerful is there a way to quit the run

Hi there, the video is set to private. There isn't a way to end the run without dying at the moment. I'd be interested in seeing what upgrades made you overpowered though. :)

Made it public so it should be good now. I think stacking the 2% healing made it really hard for my health to get any lower and basically made me invincible. 

Holy Moly the AOE

Yeah it basically wiped out everything, healed me for the damage I dealt and basically made the build invincible. Finally ended the run by letting the enemies build up while I had to choose cards to play which spawned too many to defeat.